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New at b2b

The People Profession in 2018 | CIPD Survey

CIPD have launched a new survey that explores the current state of the people profession across the UK and Europe.

‘The People Profession in 2018’ covers topics such as professional development, career journey and changes in professional priorities, aiming to help practitioners gain insight into the variety of ways in which people professionals progress in their careers.

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b2b partnerships working on ‘Road Map for Public Libraries’ Initiative with CILIP

    b2b partnerships are excited to be working with The Library and Information Association (CILIP) on phase 1 a project to help and establish a stronger future for public libraries across England.
    The initiative led by Libraries Connected and CILIP, will explore different options on how Libraries can be funded, managed and delivered in the years to come.

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A Partnership that Helps Small Business Grow | Informi and Lloyds

    b2b are excited to announce the launch of a partnership between AAT Informi and Lloyds Banking Group.
    AAT and have launched the new partnership to help Britain’s small business owners make the most of the finance opportunities available to them.

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Making a difference

Identifying Opportunity

We help our clients realise the value of the industry they represent and help them identify opportunities to grow, change and drive value.

Generating Income

We enable our clients do great things by generating new revenue streams that they reinvest back into their business to meet core goals.

Enabling Change

Our work is often a catalyst for change. We work with clients to run programmes that enable them to engage, grow and change.

b2b talk about …

      1. b2b are delighted to be working with the NSPCC to help develop the sales and distribution and go to market plans for their new short, interactive, online-learning film called, ‘It’s Your Call.’
      1. NSPCC want to equip all professionals to be able to recognise and know what steps to take in case they encounter a situation where they feel they need to raise alarm.
      1. The NSPCC have focused their ‘It’s Your Call’ on those who work in and around homes and who have the unique opportunity to recognise if there is a dangerous or worrying situation.

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b2b understands the challenges facing our clients and the sensitive, independent and competitive environments in which they operate.


A range of services to help your business or non-profit grow and change.

Training & Skills Building

Sharing our know-how to develop your workforce

Products & Solutions

Including Research, Apprenticeships and Accreditation management.

Commercial Development

Focus on relevance, reach, impact and new income generation

Learning & CPD

Helping plan, structure and deliver your online learning proposition.

Sponsorships & Partnerships

Opportunity identification, valuation, development, sales & delivery

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