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The Role of AR & VR for Membership Associations

2020 Vision: The Role of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality for Membership Organisations Thanks mainly to the world of gaming, augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR) are emerging as two of the most exciting innovations in technology and Associations have an...

We are on the hunt for a digital marketing and social media executive to join team b2b!

b2b partnerships are on the look-out for a brilliant new Junior Digital Marketing & Social Media Executive! We have an exciting opportunity for a Digital Marketing & Social Media Executive to join our team to drive our digital marketing activity and...

Two words I dislike – “arghhh technology!” | Ricoh and IWFM Partnership

IWFM and Ricoh join forces to build a better workplace. There are two words which I regularly hear around the office – “arghhhhh technology”. It has made such an impact on the way we work and the way we communicate, but it still seems to be causing problems which I...

Making a Partnership Last

b2b partnership's take on how Elton John's new film has highlighted what makes a partnership last. SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen the new film Rocketman…don’t worry, thankfully Elton John’s life has been well documented and we won’t be spoiling anything which...

Creating a sponsorship proposal that lands

Securing sponsors is an art…. as well as a science. One of the key steps to securing a right-fit sponsor is a proposal or business case document. This is an important step in going from sponsorship hunter to securing and developing a valuable partnership or...

Internal Audit 2019


Ethical partnerships and how to ensure you protect your values

Sometimes a story comes out that is incredibly relevant to conversations we are having internally and the Stagecoach and Turner Prize announcement is one of those examples. A recent conversation, we had as a business was when evaluating our own values (an...

British Chamber of Commerce and Totaljobs | Quarterly Recruitment Outlook

‘No business sector is immune from recruitment difficulties’ this is the messaging from the new partnership we developed with the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and Totaljobs. The partnership built on the BCC’s Quarterly Recruitment...

Ghosting in the Workplace: It’s OK to say no..

Ghosting in the Workplace: It's OK to say no Over the past 6 months or so, we have seen a big increase in the number of strong conversations and meetings which have resulted in nothing but a string of solid silence. After looking at this more closely,...

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