The People Profession in 2018 | CIPD Survey

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    CIPD have launched a new survey that explores the current state of the people profession across the UK and Europe. ‘The People Profession in 2018’ covers topics such as professional development, career journey and changes in professional priorities, aiming to help practitioners gain insight into the variety of ways in which people professionals progress in their careers.
    The role of people professionals is diversifying and becoming more complex. As organisations become increasingly agile and rely more on contractors and remote workers to meet immediate business needs, there is the question of how employers can foster levels of engagement and commitment, and enable people to reach their potential. See Louisa Baczor, Research Advisor at the CIPD’s Blog for more insight.
    1. Key Findings:
• Over two-thirds of people professionals say work makes them happy and energised
    • Over 6 in 10 say their job gives them the opportunity to fully express themselves as a professional
    • 2 in 5 practitioners feel over-skilled for their role, while a fifth of those in the early stages of their career feel under-skilled.
    The CIPD worked in partnership with the European Association of People Management (EAPM) to create a high level overview of the sector beyond the UK. Findings collated from 1,526 people professionals across Europe (including HR, learning and development, organisational development, and organisational change), indicated the diversity of skills and differing experience across the profession.
    In the UK and Ireland, CIPD explored the factors which help practitioners to demonstrate professional behaviour and good practice, as well as achieve career success.
    Louisa Baczor, Research Adviser at the CIPD, commented: “A career in the people profession is about working with people, bringing them into the right jobs and helping them reach their potential at work. But it’s also about applying expertise in people, work and change to ensure that work is a force for good for everyone. It’s great to see so many people professionals experiencing meaning in their work and feeling confident to stand up for what they believe in.
    “The future of the profession is exciting and will require capabilities in managing new organisational models, the supply of skills, the shaping of jobs and improving people management and organisational cultures. But the skills mismatches and ethical conflicts highlighted by the survey show that there’s no room for complacency. Continuing professional development is key to keeping our own skills current, so we can innovate and adapt as professionals, and champion better work and working lives in all that we do.”
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