Sponsorship & Partnerships

b2b are the leading sponsorship sales organisation for the professional association sector.
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… Sponsorship and commercial partnerships enable our clients to do the things they wouldn’t be able to do by themselves. Our focus is to make sure we deliver; impact, change, income, growth and increased profile for our clients. We have years of experience and are aware of the challenges when developing commercial arrangements, such as preservation of independence, defining benefits, valuation and aligning the right brand to your business.

Identification & Development of Opportunities

A key strength at b2b is identifying new opportunities for sponsorship across your business. Using our skill and experience, we can help you get more out of your existing sponsorships too. We map what you want to do, and where you want to go and develop the right sponsorship relationships to help you get there.

Sponsorship Delivery & Management

We help our clients launch and deliver sponsorships. From developing sponsorship contracts, to check lists of deliverables, facilitating sponsor sessions, measuring ROI, reporting the success and sustainability of the sponsorships. b2b also run reviews and upsell sponsorships. b2b can support any aspect and some clients outsource the delivery of partnerships for b2b to manage collaboratively.


We have developed a unique, personalised sponsorship sales approach. We pride ourselves in the professional standards we apply to relationship development. We do our homework, we know our market and the value our client represents to sponsors. We have a 70% response rate when approaching sponsors for the first time.


We focus on the value that your industry and opportunities represent to sponsors and price opportunities accordingly. We help you set accurate sponsorship targets based upon the value of your opportunities. We have more than 20 years sponsorship sales experience and understand how to price and negotiate sponsorships.

Sales Proposal Creation

We create high quality, detailed, external sponsorship sales proposals that will successfully sell your sponsorship opportunity. We know how to position your opportunity and what sponsors look for. We work through all aspects of the proposal with you to ensure that you are happy with what is being offered to sponsors.

Sponsor Identification & Lead Generation

We take a targeted, tailored approach to the identification and development of sponsor prospects. We work with you to ensure that potential sponsors are relevant and appropriate. We have established large networks of potential sponsors and strong senior contacts in many sectors and have the reputation for being an organisation that represents high value clients with strong business opportunities.

Sponsorship Strategy, Policy and Criteria

We work with you to set the purpose and objectives in order for you to get the best results. We create internal sponsorship policies, processes and criteria to get you the maximum buy-in from internal stakeholders, including Council and Committees.