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Research Programmes, IP Creation, Compliance, Accreditation and QA management
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From our time working with industry associations we have worked on projects and identified strategies, products and solutions that help our clients grow, create impact, increase efficiency, generate revenue and/or cost save.

Research Programmes & IP Creation

We have worked with many industry organisations to help them identify, develop and implement the right research programmes to deliver on business objectives.

We have helped our clients set up a research programme from scratch and also restructure their existing research programme from being a cost centre to a profit centre.

Research and insights can enable your organisation to:

  • Gain insight into a specific technical or industry issue to engage and educate your audience
  • Gather customer or member feedback on a topic to feed back into your business
  • Create new or enhance existing IP and content to support your engagement strategy
  • Generate new revenues
  • Create a platform to position a view on a topic internally or externally
  • Be the mechanism to create voice and opinion on an issue
  • Gather evidence to drive policy and position political agenda with stakeholders

From objective setting, sampling, development of outcomes to the development of partnerships and sponsorships to cost effectively run your research programme we can support you by.

  • Developing ‘right fit’ research partnerships
  • Commercialising research programmes
  • Objective setting
  • Scoping of deliverables
  • Running the research and identifying the right partners to run research
  • Designing the questionnaire
  • Sampling audiences
  • Identifying subject matter experts and running focus industry groups
  • Marketing planning & communications including social
  • Analysis of data
  • Reporting, summarising & developing outputs e.g infographics & social media sound bytes
  • Supporting and planning the distribution and marketing of research outputs
  • Organising related outputs to aid reach and distribution of e.g round tables/events
  • Public relations, Public affairs and media liaison
  • Creating governance structure, policy and criteria around research panel/focus group etc.

Compliance, Standards & Accreditation Management

Chasing down, managing and reporting on up to date compliance data from your membership, across your services or down your supply chain can be a costly, complex, time consuming and resource intensive task for any association.

b2b understands that many professional bodies still run their compliance processes manually and can be some of the most difficult and time consuming areas to manage. For instance;

  • Standards monitoring
  • Awards, certification & accreditation evaluation & reporting
  • CPD & learning checks and reporting
  • Competency frameworks
  • Quality assurance
  • Staff and Volunteer management
  • Branch/regional office coordination
  • Supply-chain management
  • Group-wide operating functions
  • Multiple physical sites &/or teams of staff
  • Qualifications tracking

The Solution

b2b understand the challenges in this area and have worked with experienced IT compliance specialists to develop a scalable, live, cloud based tool called b2b InforMotiv™ specifically for the association and not-for-profit sector.

b2b InforMotiv™ helps organisations see, manage and report on standards, awards and certifications in a real time, efficient way that also drives value via cost savings and enabling new revenue generation. A ‘single view’, centralised membership business process, QA, accreditation, CPD, Regulatory and Risk control in your hands will drive:

    • Value
    • Cost savings
    • Efficiencies
    • Enhanced member, customer and/or supplier engagement
    • Cost savings and added-value for end client
    • Better use of internal resource
    • Increase MI
    • New revenues
    • Business growth and development opportunities

b2bInforMotiv™ is a powerful platform that delivers efficient administration, automated compliance expiry and status notifications, live reporting and a secure document repository in one place. b2bInforMotiv™ will enable you to:

Ensure that your members, people, suppliers and partners’ deliver the standards and are qualified to perform their jobs and/or operating to the standards you & your industry requires

Ensure that your solutions, processes, workplace, suppliers, branches, volunteers and partners’ offices, factories, warehouses and working environments, processes and supply-chain adhere to the quality, standards, professionalism and security that you expect/require from your industry

Manage all aspects of compliance and risk avoidance via a mix of remote (desktop) auditing by allowing stakeholders to self-certificate compliance by uploading supporting evidence – or via in-house or outsourced field (on-site) physical audit team
Select a number of individual jobs/cases/transactions (as case files) and audit each step in the workflow process against quality, regulatory and compliance frameworks


b2b InforMotiv™ is equally suited for all sectors and has a robust implementation process and can be tailored to cater for specific requirements relating to your industry and operations and can link to your organisations CRM and membership/community database.

InforMotiv is currently being applied into Retail, Construction and Aged Care sectors and Governance Guard (a bespoke InforMotiv solution) has been recently launched as a Financial Compliance Tool for the HCST lending and Pawnbroking markets and for the financial franchisee market. Governance Guard blends the InforMotiv platform, with a few additional features required by the financial sector. Governance Guard is designed specifically for FCA regulated companies.

BMW: InforMotiv were engaged to solve a major headache for BMW across their network of Body Repair Centres. They were employing 12 full time auditors to carry out compliance management and audits on site and each person was note taking and reporting in different ways, causing a high cost/poor reporting outcome.  InforMotiv helped BMW reverse engineer this process and by deploying the Tools, making it mandatory for all of the network to self-certify and upload evidence onto the Tools, and provided BMW with ‘live’ centralised MI and the ability to conduct desk-top audits and sport-checks. This delivered more than 60% reduction in the costs of this activity. BMW signed a 3 year renewal of InforMotiv in August 2016.

Honda: InforMotiv were approached to support the implementation of a much improved and revised compliance infrastructure into Honda’s 180 body repair network. InforMotiv developed the compliance framework and provided the user training across the entire network. Within an 8 month timeframe, InforMotiv took Honda from a single figure percentage compliance score, to over 70% compliance, eventually reaching over 85% within a 12 month period.  Honda Spain have made a request for implementation during 2017.