Scottish Power and Carbon Trust– working together to support small businesses to achieve business savings and a more sustainable future.

When developing this partnership for Carbon Trust we had to look outside the box. Carbon Trust were focus on increasing awareness of the impact and requirements facing small businesses and the fact many were unable to harness sustainability as a driver of bottom-line savings. From discussions with the incredibly passionate Scottish Power Small Business team, they were focused on supporting SMEs to reduce their energy costs to boost profit margins and reinforce Scottish Power’s commitment to the SME sector.

What we did and how we did it

Carbon Trust has worked with over 35,000 SMEs to reduce emissions and costs within their businesses, ensuring energy and resource efficiency is addresses and actioned. Carbon Trust has saved SMEs £45M over the last decade and were focused on raising awareness of the fact that through simple measures, SMEs could save a further combined £1.37 Billion. Carbon Trust developed a series of toolkits and support materials for SME organisations, however as part of the Coalition’s austerity plan, their funding model for SMEs was cut, which resulted in the forced reduction of Carbon Trust’s support and guidance to SMEs and the shelfing of the Toolkits and Resources.

We identified the toolkit and SME resources were a great existing asset for Carbon Trust and given the current spotlight on small businesses, it would be a perfect time to re-develop the resources and go to market with a strong message and campaign. In order to enable Carbon Trust to do this, they required a funding partner to invest and support the programme. Working with Carbon Trust, we developed a strong proposition which enabled an organisation to align brand, content, expertise and knowledge across the re-developed toolkit, wrapped with dedicated marketing, media and PR campaign.

After extensive discussions with the leading energy suppliers, who were a perfect fit for this opportunity, Scottish Power were selected by Carbon Trust to be the partner across the SME programme.

Our work provided Carbon Trust with income to invest into the SME resources and achieve their mission. The partnership with Scottish Power will not only help save money for SMEs, but also raise the profile of sustainability and energy efficiency practices within business.

Scottish Power and Carbon Trust are working together across a two-year programme of work to develop the new resources with SMEs, gaining their feedback and input, and provide ongoing support, case studies, information and guidance to the sector.

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