Procuring FM Services

As part of our work with CIPS, we were challenged to develop a better procurement service and raise standards. In answer to the brief, b2b developed a content partnership between Engie and CIPS to provide members with resources to support procurement activity in this sector. Click here to find out more about what we did with CIPS.

What we did and how we did it

The UK FM sector is worth an estimated £107 billion and accounts for one third of a company’s total spend and is vital to the operation of any organisation.

CIPS had an objective to provide industry information, insights, guidance and support to members on direct and indirect areas of procurement spend. CIPS members are experiencing more demand for their expertise in different sectors, some of which may not be familiar or an area of specialism.

After identifying this with CIPS as a key area for CIPS members, we developed a Total Facilities Management content partnership proposition which enabled an expert organisation to showcase brand and expertise, whilst providing a valued member benefit of up-to-date information, insight, content and guidance.

As part of the partnership, Engie’s brand and messaging is built into a dedicated hub on CIPS website. Engie content is populated across the hub during the course of the two-year partnership, including a range of resources, videos, events and templates.

Engie’s were the exclusive partner of the Facilities Management hub, providing an annual investment to CIPS for the partnership and detailed benefits which fell part of the relationship. CIPS re-invested all income back into their member services and for the greater good of the profession.

To learn more about the CIPS Engie Partnership click here.

Richard Sadler, Chief Procurement Officer, Engie “Facilities Management is a rapidly changing sector as the market moves towards the delivery of more complex and integrated solutions.  With our CIPS knowledge partnership we aim to provide members with selection of guidance tools and information which will assist them in the procurement process for FM services – allowing them to take decisions which are right for the on-going needs of their business.”