The Institute of Workplace & Facilities Management

Setting the Scene

We undertook a consultancy project for the Institute of Workplace & Facilities Management (IWFM)  (when they were still the BIFM) in 2017 to determine growth and alternative revenue generating opportunities for the Institute. Read more about how we went about this work here.

One of the outcomes of our work with the Institute included the opportunity for them to reshape their research, content and insights programme of activity, campaigns and high-profile programmes of work, in order to increase its position in market and drive greater member and customer engagement. We developed a series of practical recommendations to IWFM about how they may go about doing this.


Scope of Work

Fast track to August 2018, IWFM embraced our recommendations and asked us to work with them to develop and implement this valuable programme as part of their inhouse team. We work closely with IWFM to ensure that all our activity supports and enables the Institutes pre-existing activities and partnerships, whilst being an instigator for positive change and business growth.


The b2b Way

To implement the work, we implemented the ‘b2b way’ to partnership development for the Institute as follows:

  • Understand IWFM’s objectives
  • Set new partnership strategy, criteria and principles
  • Worked closely to understand IWFM’s insights and content plans
  • Identified opportunities for partnership, sponsorship and strategic alliance across these planned programmes
  • Develop plans, programme and propositions for engagement, including partnership and sponsorship sales proposals
  • Continually understanding and scoping the market for right fit organisations to partner on IWFM activity
  • Match partners to activity
  • Close and launch partnerships with the Institute
  • Support IWFM on the measurable delivery of partnerships to deliver results back to the business



The outcome of our work provides the Institute with:

  • Increased awareness of the value of the sector, profession and membership
  • Access to new audiences and markets
  • Increased market position
  • Stronger voice and viewpoint on issues
  • Greater profile of the Institute’s work, research agenda, campaign and initiatives
  • 100% new revenue streams
  • New and exciting relationships with leading innovative brands

During the course of our work, we have also identified further opportunities for the Institute to consider and we are working with the Institute over the next 2 years to develop these programmes of work.

To talk with us about how we work with IWFM or learn about opportunities to reach FM and Workplace professionals CONTACT US HERE.


About IWFM

As the voice of more than 17,500 members (both individual professionals and organisations) IWFM is committed to championing the role of FM within business and the impact effective workplace has on peoples working lives, social and the economic environment.  Recognising the evolution of the industry and the increasing importance of the value of workplace, IWFM are repositioning the role of FM as a strategic influencer of business and representing all aspects of the profession.