The Challenge
Way back in 2009, CIPD were sure it had a range of untapped opportunities across the organisation that it could harness to generate new income that could be re-invested back into supporting their member services and deliver on their business priorities. However, CIPD were uncertain what these were and how to go about developing this potential.

b2b focus
CIPD appointed us to run a consultancy project in 2009 to identify and scope opportunities, running an assessment of both income and value-add back to CIPD.

On agreement of our recommendations, CIPD appointed us to develop an entirely new partnership strategy and implement the range of the opportunities we identified during our consultancy phase. Our focus was to build partnerships for CIPD that would;

  • drive value back to membership
  • generate income that would be invested back into member services and delivering business priorties
  • protect and enhance brand and reputation
  • raise profile of CIPD and its work
  • reach new markets
  • deliver industry content & insights

b2b’s role
b2b partnerships’ work with with CIPD has evolved as they grow as an organisation. We are continually working with CIPD to support their partnership strategy, identifying and building income generating partnerships that are woven into CIPD’s ecosystem as an organisation.

The partnerships we develop include;

  • High profile research programmes and initiatives
  • Content & knowledge transfer activities
  • Policy and business indices
  • Flagship conferences

In addition to generating income for CIPD, the partnerships b2b have created also support CIPD to:

  • Reinforce position of CIPD in business and sub verticals
  • Raise profile of CIPD internationally
  • Take product to market internationally
  • Deliver branch/regional sponsorship framework and training to enable localised partnership development
  • Create internal processes around the sourcing and curation of content/research insights
  • Gain practical industry insights

b2b has developed a range of single and multi-year partnerships from a standing start for the CIPD. The partnerships we develop, allow for organisations to work with CIPD on a wider range of opportunities such as live events, awards, training partners and spend in CIPD’s publications.

Since commencement of our relationship in 2009, b2b have generated for CIPD a Multi-million sum of financial investment. The investment comes from a relatively low number of very targeted and focused research and content based partnerships. ROI on b2b’s services for the CIPD currently sits at 464.7%.

b2b also develops non-income generating partnerships for CIPD to fulfill its business priorities which generate maximum impact, access and reach.

Examples of Our Work for CIPD
Below are a few examples of the research and knowledge partnerships we have developed with CIPD.

CIPD People Analytics in partnership with Workday
CIPD Labour Market Outlook in partnerships with Adecco Group
CIPD Heath & Wellbeing Survey in partnership with Simplyhealth

If you’re interested in exploring how you may be able to implement a similar type of programme of activity in your organisation, contact us.