b2b worked with CIPS to deliver their content partnership strategy which is designed to provide knowledge and information to support membership engagement in the industry. It was whilst working on this we identified an opportunity for CIPS to cement its position within industry globally, support and engage with the sector.

b2b worked with CIPS to scope and develop a research product and associated programme of activity which would become fully functioning career development tool for the sector.

The ultimate ambition of CIPS Procurement Insights & Salary Guide, was to Create a global, independent career benchmarking tool and salary guide that will support the membership engagement of procurement & supply chain professionals and reinforce CIPS’s critical role in setting the standards and leading the profession internationally.

Key objectives were;
• cement CIPS position as the leading industry body for the profession globally
• showcase the value and importance of the procurement and supply chain profession
• provide career and pathways information to support professionals
• boost membership engagement with the sector

b2b scoped out and created with CIPS the framework for the Procurement Salary Guide. The ideal last part of the equation was to source a leading global partner that CIPS would partner with who would invest in the year on year growth of the tool and also that would add industry value.

b2b ran a partnership development programme for CIPD to identify the right organisation to partner with CIPS to turn CIPS ambition into reality.

Using an informal tender process, we worked with CIPS to select Hays, CIPS wanted to engage with the wider profession and key employers on the importance of procurement as a professional career and provide evidence on the value of membership, to the membership and other sectors and stakeholders.

The guide enables members and employers to benchmark the reward packages, understand more about the careers of procurement professionals and convey the ever-changing challenges and career pathways, in a rapidly evolving profession.

Over the last 3 years the programme of work has gained enormous traction within the sector with over 4,000 procurement professionals completing the 2016 survey and over 10,000 engaging with the outcomes.

The findings of the report clearly demonstrate the value of CIPS membership, the pay and career advantages of a CIPS qualification and has been widely used by procurement professionals and employers, across the sector.

The guide itself has grown year on year with an extensive global sample leading to CIPS incorporating Australia and Sub Saharan Africa reports and most recently MENA within the guide, demonstrating the reach of CIPS globally.

CIPS and Hays have also incorporated an interim section within the guide, demonstrating the ever-evolving world of work and the role of procurement within it.
We are excited to see the results of the 2017 CIPS/Hays Procurement Salary and Insights Guide and the continued impact as a key resource for the membership, but more widely across the procurement and supply chain industry, broader business influencers, employers, and stakeholders.

Because of this work, CIPS can better understand the sector and its members and has the mechanism to respond, change and engage with the industry it represents. The insight from this work also enables CIPS to strategically plan further programmes of membership engagement, education and support, globally.





The CIPS/ Hays Procurement Salary and partnership is an award winning relationship. Honoured in 2017 with the MemCom 2017 member engagement strategy award b2b partnerships are incredibly proud of this partnership.