Developing corporate sector market for a digital learning proposition

The Institute of Leadership & Management

The Challenge
The Institute of Leadership & Management (TILM) had been through a rapid period of development and change and had redefined its membership proposition which included an extensive suite of digital learning for individuals; MyLeadership. TILM understood it had the opportunity to build-out a different offer to corporates and take advantage of a business to business opportunity to drive growth and revenues back to the Institute.

Scope of Work
TILM appointed b2b to define, differentiate and develop the Institute’s corporate proposition from its individual membership offer and support the Institute with its go-to market corporate proposition and plans. Our focus was on developing corporate sector market for a digital learning proposition.

b2b worked with TILM to;

  • refine its MyLeadership corporate value proposition
  • define a go-to market opportunity for MyLeadership to corporates
  • Craft the product propositioning, including structure, priorities and pricing
  • Identify new markets, customers and influencer groups
  • Define route to market for each group
  • Lead generate, contact, introduce and cultivate large corporate customer groups
  • support internal marketing corporate sales and marketing plans & copy

During the course of our work, b2b were also able to recognise and present additional commercial opportunities for the Institute to consider; for instance research and content partnerships, supplier and affinity opportunities.


About TILM
The Institute of Leadership & Development is the UK’s professional body for leadership. It’s aim is to achieve excellence in leadership and management. The Institute arms a global community of professionals with content, research, training, consulting, events and online resources to enable organisations and individual professionals to succeed.