The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) is a world renowned Institute operating in a highly competitive sector.

This Institute selected b2b to support them with the development of their member engagement strategy, specifically to develop a series of ‘partnerships’ with leading organisations that would partner and invest in the Institute for the right to position, content, knowledge, expertise, know-how and solutions that were right fit, appropriate and relevant for members and the sector.  This strategy or work-stream did not exist prior to our work with CIPS and the partnerships we developed also filled a gap in the Institute’s content strategy.


b2b Outcomes

  • b2b developed the entire business model including the external proposition for the Institute from scratch
  • Just under £1m in new income was generated by b2b for the Institute from a standing start
  • Income was a result of only 11 carefully developed multi-year partnerships

The partnerships b2b developed:

  • drove engaging content, information and know-how which filled a gap in the Institutes services added value to the Institutes membership engagement proposition
  • raised profile of the Institute and its work in the sector
  • b2b also supported the delivery and account management of partners to ensure success, renewal and were able to ‘up-sell’ relationships and many of our partnerships for CIPS led to further commercial arrangements, training, membership retention and new membership acquisition.

The return on investment of b2b’s services for this Institute was c.460%.

b2b worked with CIPS for just over 2 years to deliver this programme of activity and operated at a senior level internally with our clients to successfully implement services strategically, as an in-house function would.