The CIPD appointed b2b to run a consultancy project to identify new income generating opportunities across the institute. Early 2009 the institute appointed us to develop their partnership strategy and sell and implement the range of the opportunities we identified during our consultancy phase.

b2b Outcomes

Over the last 5 years in particular, our work has focused on developing income generating partnerships across the institutes:

  • High profile research programmes
  • Harnesses content and bringing in new content/insight
  • Policy and business indices
  • Flagship conferences

In addition to income-generating partnerships b2b has also:

  • Supported the development of a specific membership segment
  • Developed a high profile training contract overseas for the institute
  • Supported international development strategy via partnerships
  • Delivered digital training resource to support branch/regional managers secure sponsorships across their local activities
  • Conducted a mapping exercise to define the range of partnerships across the institute that will enable the institute reach its long-term business aims

b2b has developed a range of single and multi-year partnerships from a standing start for this institute. Some of these partnerships now drive income further into the business. Multi-million year, compounded financial investment has been generated by b2b for the institute from a wide range of partnerships across CIPD activity. b2b also develops non-income partnerships for this institute to support the Institute as and when required, creating a return on investment of b2b’s services for the CIPD at 298.7%.