The Challenge

The Carbon Trust are an independent, not-for-profit organisation which advises businesses, governments and the public sector to benefit from a more sustainable future through resource efficiencies, technology and innovations. As a leading not-for-profit organisation, Carbon Trust have a business objective to secure additional revenues that they will reinvest back into the organisation to fund industry and community projects that contribute to their mission.

What we did and how we did it

We work with the team at Carbon Trust to identify programmes, projects, events and other initiatives which are right fit to align commercial partners against.

The team at b2b report to Richard Rugg, the Managing Director of Programmes at Carbon Trust. We act as Carbon Trust’s in-house partnership and sponsorship development team, building partnerships which not only bring income into Carbon Trust but also meet the objectives of those organisations who wish to align brand and messaging, raise profile or showcase expertise within the sustainability sector.

Carbon Trust deliver high value and well attended Conferences, which were a perfect initial step to look at sponsorship and partnership. For example, Carbon Trust’s Sustainability Conference for the public sector was an established event due to the heritage of the Conference. Carbon Trust initially organised the Conference to support their existing clients within the public sector to share best practice, new technologies, innovations and industry knowledge. The Conference has been running for over 10 years now and is recognised by sustainability, energy and environmental managers across the sector.

We engaged with organisations who had an objective to raise profile and showcase solutions to public sector energy, sustainability and estate managers. We built high profile sponsorships and showcases across the Conference with organisations such as GE Lighting, SSE, United Utilities, Mitsubishi Electric, Public Power Solutions, to name a few.

We also work across Carbon Trust’s research and campaign work streams, building bespoke, tailored commercial partnerships with organisations who wish to align to Carbon Trust’s independent brand and showcase expertise and commitment to the sustainability agenda. Working with the team of advisors and experts at Carbon Trust, in tandem with talking to potential partner organisations, we develop a tailored proposition which not only meets a sponsor or partner’s objectives, but also align to Carbon Trust’s mission and meets their aims within the sector.

We have built partnerships for Carbon Trust which not only bring revenue into the organisation which are invested into projects and new technologies, but also bring expertise, insight, profile and industry knowledge. A few examples of our work include building a partnership between Carbon Trust and Scottish Power to support small businesses with their energy saving challenges and move towards a sustainable future. Another was a specific two-year campaign across Carbon Trust’s Public Sector Network with United Utilities. United Utilities were positioned as the expert Water Partner across the Network to meet their objective of raising brand awareness and showcasing expertise to the public sector on water supply and management challenges.