AAT Learning Product Commercial Go-To Market Strategy

AAT is the UK’s leading independent professional body offering skills-based accountancy and finance qualifications. AAT’s members are a core source of advice and support for small businesses. b2b worked with AAT to develop a marketing strategy around how to scale-up and take their existing range of online and f2f learning products targeting non-members to market.

Project Priorities

  • Raise profile of AAT into UK micro and SME business marketplace
  • Leverage customers (users of learning) to upsell other AAT products, services and training to new customers and point to other AAT training/qualifications.
  • Position AAT learning products intentionally to build relationships with small businesses recognising that they are employers of AAT members of tomorrow and use as a route in to push employment of existing AAT members.
  • Position AAT as the ‘expert’ and the ‘trusted’ first choice to small business at the point when they are looking to outsource accounting/bookkeeping services (support AAT’s MIP strategy).
  • Use learning/training content and products and services as a long-term strategic tool to build and engage with small businesses (new market for AAT) in which to build on and grow AAT’s primary business.

The result of the work was a series of recommendations and plans, including board level PID support around the development of a dedicated small business resource which was a new departure from AAT’s usual practice and structure of deployment of services. b2b’s recommendations to AAT created a catalyst for change and opportunity for business growth and income diversification.

  • AAT Alternative Routes to Membership Project

How We Did it

b2b was commissioned by AAT to undertake a review and analysis of AAT’s alternative routes to membership. The scope of the work was to:

  1. Ensure that current routes are fit for purpose.
  2. Identify new routes, with no geographic boundaries, focusing on:
    1. Those target groups who are not currently members of another professional body, but who meet AAT education standards.
  3. How potential partners are competing with AAT for relevant students While undertaking the above, observing:
    1. How competitors are engaging with AAT partners.
    2. How AAT might achieve competitive advantage against them.

b2b reviewed AAT’s available data and performance information, analysed information gaps and reviewed the external landscape.  Current routes to membership were researched, with interim reports provided to AAT, outlining ‘where AAT is now’, including AAT’s performance, the landscape and recommendations.  Interim reports covered a range of options and alternative routes including partnerships with a variety of different types of organisations were made.

b2b’s final report conclusions, identified opportunities and set out a range of strategic priorities for AAT, including highlighting alternative routes to membership that were not previously considered by AAT.

AAT Informi

b2b are very excited that AAT took forward and built on the commercial development work and recommendations b2b made with AAT and had the vision to develop Informi – the UK’s newest resource specifically designed specifically to support small businesses and start up sector.

AAT have spent 12-18 months researching the small business marketplace to understand and respond to the needs of small businesses. AAT also purposely developed Informi so it can be used as a tool for AAT’s 50,000 UK members to use to engage, support and guide its half a million, and growing small business client base.

b2b are delighted to be working with AAT once again, this time on the development of a range of commercial, value-add partnerships across AAT Informi. Partnerships in development support Informi’s mission and will deliver value-add guidance and information, generate revenue, raise profile of AAT Informi, as well as support the growth of the AAT Informi community.

Contact us for further information about the structure of AAT Informi, how to partner with AAT and how b2b can help your organisation engage with decision makers and influencers of small business. Contact Us.