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We help you proactively structure and deliver your learning proposition so it is current, relevant cost effective and engaging.
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The world of learning is changing rapidly. The way we engage with information, how we learn and how the learning experience is delivered is continually evolving.

With about 98% of UKs organisations now use online Learning as part of their L&D Strategy and employee engagement tool there has never been a more important time to refocus your organisations learning strategy and harness the demand from your sector and the opportunity that educating and engaging your sector via learning offers.

The rise of smart phone and other tech devices means 74% of Learners are accessing their learning through mobile devices and handsets.

Many professional body CPD and further learning programmes are outdated and are restricting for the organisation with many missed opportunities to increase engagement and/or generate alternative revenues for.

Your organisations professional learning, whether mandatory, formal or informal is no different. With the move to social, bite-sized online learning as the professional norm.

The flexibility and mobility that technology offers is driving use of mobile flexible Learning meaning more and more people are undertaking a range of ‘self-paced’ learning activities.

Many industry bodies and vertical specialists strive to be the leading provider of learning within sector, though many struggle to navigate the challenges that this presents.

Learning / CPD Strategy

Working with you to identify, reshape, develop and successfully implement a future-proof end to end learning strategy for your organisation. Depending on your needs we can help develop your in-house learning programme or scope and effectively deliver a fully or partially outsourced learning model.

Customer Needs

Identify your learning customers & their learning needs (segmented learning offer) including individual and corporate learning potential

Learning Content

Content map and develop your content against customer/member segment and professional needs.

Learning Development

Work through the learning design and learning product development split by open, freemium, registered and/or paid for learning

Future Proofing Your Learning Proposition

We also take into consideration the future of learning, trends and learning solutions that set your organisation up to cope with future demands of your learners, members, educators and employers such as; VR, AR, Simulated Learning and AI.

Learning Delivery

Deliver your product including identification and development of the right technology, LMS platform, VLE and ecommerce capability

BD, Marketing & Communication of Learning

Develop and/or run the BD and market strategy development including commercial mapping, channel strategy marketing and communications planning on your behalf

Sales &/or Registration of Learning Products

Run the business development & sales of products into sector, corporates or to the wider public if relevant

Fulfilment of Learning

Fulfil the delivery of your learning from a technical, financial, digital, IS/IT administrative, reporting, data capture & how this fits with your existing IS.

Customer Engagement & Journey

Focus on customer engagement with an emphasis on customer service, data capture, digital activation, community discussion, customer reporting, provision of completion certificates, awards etc.


Structure internal working, governance procedures and sign-off We have sourced and built a number of key relationships with some of the UK’s most experienced and niche leading learning providers and are able to provide our clients with an end to end solution to deliver their learning and CPD requirements either internally or externally.