We provide a wealth of consultancy services, focused on enabling our clients to reach their potential, achieve long-term growth and sustainability.
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With mounting pressure and disruptive propositions popping up left, right and centre creating unexpected and competing activities, many organisations are questioning their viability and purpose. b2b understand the value and importance of independent industry associations and can help you to identify and implement drivers for change.

Strategic and Operational Planning

Relevance, Representation, Recruitment, Retention

Commercial Strategy

Building models of sustainable revenue

Proposition Development

Understand your members, customers and their needs

Data Insights

Understanding who your community is, what they do and what they represent, including how to gather, manage and store data

Member Engagement

Segmentation & Engagement strategies

Thought Leadership & Voice

Harnessing expertise and insight to build your voice

Digital Transformation

Driving a more effective organisation through technological changeĀ 

Social Media & Marketing Strategy

Helping you identify, reach and engage your audience


Maximising your income potential

Member, Customer & Community Acquisition

Embrace your global potential and access new markets

Always tailored to our clients overall business objectives, we pride ourselves on delivering additional value and exceeding expectations. Our clients are often surprised at how much they learn from our process.

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