Business Taxation | Avalara and BCC Partnership

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    B2b partnerships are proud to announce a new partnership between the British Chambers of Commerce and Avalara.
    The partnership, which is focused on all things small business and business taxation, enables Avalara to showcase their expertise alongside the independent and credible BCC.
    The partnership focuses on The Making Tax Digital project and Tax complexity, compliance and cost.
      Findings from the research indicate that;
      • 24% of firms have never heard of Making Tax Digital, which comes into effect next April for VAT
      • Only 10% of firms know ‘a lot of details’ about the switch to the digitised tax system
      Based on the responses of over 1,100 firms, with less than a year to go until the government plans to roll out Making Tax Digital (MTD), there is a widespread lack of awareness among business communities about the switch to a digitised tax system.
      A quarter (24%) of firms have never heard of it, and two-thirds (66%) know it only by name or some details about it.
      The partnership has also found that the vast majority of UK businesses believe the cost of complying with the UK tax system has escalated over recent years, BCC’s survey of over 1,100 firms from across the UK found that three in four (75%) believe the overall burden of tax administration and compliance – the HMRC equivalent of ‘red tape’ – has increased compared to five years ago.
      The partnership is focused on ensuring British Businesses are aware of the changes in tax and the impact it has on them.
      See BCC's press release here.
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