b2b partnerships working on ‘Road Map for Public Libraries’ Initiative with CILIP

by | Nov 30, 2018 | 0 comments

    b2b partnerships are excited to be working with The Library and Information Association (CILIP) on phase 1 of a project to help and establish a stronger future for public libraries across England.
    The initiative led by Libraries Connected and CILIP, will explore different options on how Libraries can be funded, managed and delivered in the years to come. The project, also backed by The Carnegie UK Trust who have undertaken the initial scoping for the study, aims to gather the thoughts and feedback of key stakeholders across the UK, Northern Ireland, Australia, USA, Holland and Finland. These discussions will look into how models for public library delivery vary from location to location.
    The findings from the project will be presented next year and will inform a funding bid for a major transformation programme beginning summer 2019.
    Nick Poole, CEO of CILIP had this to say on the project:
    ‘It is time for a library renaissance, where much-loved public libraries are revitalised and transformed through investment to create scalable and inclusive services. We want to transform lives through modern libraries in communities across the country. I would like to thank Carnegie UK Trust for funding this first, important stage towards making this a reality, and Libraries Connected for partnering with us to create a bright future for our libraries and communities.’
    To read CILIP’s press release click here.
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