Our Approach

We understand sectors and professions. 

At Work

Proactive, nimble and positivity is the b2b partnerships approach. Our team understand each of our clients, always questioning and beginning with the end goal.

We are aware of the importance of wellbeing at work and take a healthy and mindful approach to our work, clients and services.

We have implemented a low-carbon workplace strategy which makes us feel good about how we work and which has also created efficiencies and cost savings for us.

b2b have a cost effective, mobile-flexible and inside approach to the way we work with clients and encourage both a hands-on collaborative method of working.

Future at b2b

The next 3-5 years are an exciting time for b2b and our clients. We are conscious of staying ahead in terms of the future of business, the independent membership sector, our clients industry based challenges and continually adapting our approach to our work and clients’ needs. Like most organisations, we are also going through a period of digital transformation and change.

“This next decade is about how membership bodies acknowledge and react to the challenges that disruptive competition and technology are posing on the sectors that they represent and how to become an organisation that leads the way for their industry and thrive with this change”

Ali Heppenstall, Managing Director b2b partnership Ltd


b2b take a team approach to the delivery of our services and at any one time our clients will have a range of b2b specialists working on their activity.


b2b employ talented people with strong work ethic.


Motivated and aren’t afraid to challenge the norm.


Introduce new ways of thinking and doing.