About Us

b2b support the business and commercial development of professional, independent organisations.

The b2b way

We love what we do and are passionate about making a difference.
We are not a typical consultancy or agency and have worked hard to develop an original and successful model of working with our clients.

Our USP is that we are accustomed to working within sensitive, independent environments and have implemented successful programmes of work for clients that; meet critical business objectives, raise profile, build and engage membership, enable change, provide access to new markets and generate new sources of revenue.

Our History

In 2006, our founders had a pivotal ‘watercooler moment’ whilst developing the in-house commercial initiatives function at ICAEW. This was the moment they spotted a gap in the market to create a business dedicated to helping independent, industry organisations become more commercially sustainable.

The rest is history.

Since then, b2b have gone on to successfully work with some of the world’s leading professional industry bodies. From; Pensions to Property, Accountancy to HR. b2b’s broad range of clients represent a diverse range of sectors. b2b has diversified over its short 10 years and now offers a wide range of services to support clients’ growth and mission.

As part of our work we have built successful arrangements between our clients and many of the world’s strongest and most reputable brands.
This means, that we have a solid and respected corporate network and an understanding of the value of professional industry organisations to third party organisations.


We care about the long-term impact our work has. We care passionately about what our clients stand for.

We focus heavily on clients and projects that are going to make a difference.

We have a true social, economic, environmental sustainable ethos and deliver the greatest value when we work with clients that feel the same.

We are a positive thinking organisation and take a very practical hands on approach to our work.

We place our clients’ interests at the heart of what we do. Our goal, and where we are most successful, is to work with clients as trusted partners.